Heritage Middle STEM Classroom

Heritage Middle STEM Classroom
Posted on 10/03/2019
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Heritage Middle School is “diving head first” into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Mrs. Beth Chappelear teaches three STEM connections classes per semester at HMS. 

STEM classrooms are technology-based. Tablets, laptops, and other technology tools help students collaborate in teams, research ideas, and design solutions. The classroom at HMS contains 3D printers, Battlebot stations, VR headsets, and Spehro Sprk+ Robots. 

“My favorite part of STEM class is working with all the Technology,” said student Grant Wilson. 

The students work on a new project each week. Each Monday is a “Maker Monday,” where the students learn the project they will be working on for the week. One week the students were coding Sphero Sprk+ robots to “dance” along to music. The robots are not actually dancing along to the music, they are responding to the code that the students are entering. The students use Google Workbench to code the robots and SoundTrap to make beats and create the music. The week before students made a stop motion video portraying the power of words. The setting and topic of the video are determined by the students, using their creativity and technology tools to create a story. 

“My favorite part is seeing the students become confident in themselves when they accomplish something they didn’t think they could do before this class. I want the students to feel successful,” said Mrs. Chappelear. 

The students' enthusiasm is infectious. When the bell rings, you hear collective conversations of, “aww I wish it wasn’t over. I wish this class lasted longer.” The students are truly enjoying what they are learning and exhibiting that in their work. “My favorite part of STEM class is the creativity. This class is all about creativity. We are doing fun things, but we are using math and science,” said student Vinesah Goodwin. 

“The goal I’m shooting for here is for them to realize that there are so many more career options than what they have been exposed to so far. Not many of these students know about careers in auto or wind engineering. It’s a constant challenge to come up with things the students don’t know about because that is the stuff they get most excited about,” said Mrs. Chappelear. Sphero SprkSTEM

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